Crash Repair 904-006

The 904 is on the table to straighten the crashed chassis.

The chassis is now centered on the table and put in a fixture in order to get the pick-up point positions.

We are now straightening the bent rails.

We have the original blueprints in order to to establish the center of all of the pick-up points.

The oil lines have been spliced and pressure tested (if they leak after the right longitudinal is sealed then we would be in some deep dodo, that is why we pressure test them before the longitudinal is capped off).

The right upper pick-up points had to be removed. Note the surface rust in the existing channel. It will all be treated and painted.

The chassis will be done by the end of next week. Next, we will start installing all of the new body panels that we have been preparing for the past six weeks. We will keep you updated with the progress.


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