Crash Repair 904-006

We do not race the current stuff until June and Stanley's 904 needs to be delivered by May 1 so you will start seeing big updates.

Since the last update, the front end panels were fit but not adjusted.

Now the parts are hand fitted and the surface is prepared for lamenation.

The black pieces on the right of the picture are original. All of the other panels have been remade.

The seams are being glued. Notice the can in the middle, it contains lead shot which is used as a weight to keep the panels even while they are being glued.

There is a filler applied to the joint and then vinyl ester resin is applied with 1.5 ounce mat which completes the joint as in the original 904's. Fiberglass cloth was only used sparingly in some of the 906 type 904 prototypes.

The mat is applied after the filler and resin brushed in to complete the process.

Right fender is now being glued to the inner structure, all of these parts have been remade.

Inner fender meets the repaired chassis.

Front fender is reconnected.

Jack prepares left front inner fender to be reinstalled.

Inner trunk panel "plug" is prepared so that the mold can be made from it.

The mold is now finished and will make the new part next week. The reason we are making the tail parts new is so that we can make these parts lighter. The existing tail weighed 100lbs. the new tail will weigh approxiamately 30lbs. Weight is speed at Le Mans and this car needed a diet. Vive la France (the Le Mans classic in September)



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