Crash Repair 904-006


Trying to use some of the original pieces you can see cutting and splicing was required to refit the inner front left panel.

Using sheets of laid up flat fiberglass Kevin has cut them into the correct shape and has boxed in the upper suspension pick up points. Sounds easy but it really takes a lot of experience and patience to make it come out just right.

Remember all of this area has been stripped of its old incorrect finish and will be recoated.

Work continues from the nose to the cockpit.

Tricks of the trade!

Left front fender is now in place. As you can see the channel where the hood will lay will require lots of work.

We are grafting the right side door sill to the inner right fender.

The stripped cockpit area required some panel replacement.

The car has been placed in this rack so that we can turn the car upside down and work on the bottom which will take place Tuesday April 9.



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