June 10, 2003

This is a 1971 2.2 liter "S" engine (911/02).

Not knowing the history of this engine, I took one valve cover and the chain box covers off to see what I could find. The arrow points to the chain tensioner nut that was ready to fall off. This was probably left loose when someone was timing the cams or when the red chain tensioner collar was installed, nonetheless, not cool!

The other side was fine.

But now we don't know what to think about the rest of the engine!@#$?

I timed the cam shafts and they timed as normal 911S cams (nothing trick).

It's hard to see, but there are a lot of 067 suspension parts in the booth ready for paint.

Road rocks and other foreign objects normally blast the lower suspension components, so we tune them in before applying black urethane primer.

Another view.

Bingo, black!

This is my artistic shot.

You can see all the parts now that they are painted.

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