July 2, 2003

For weeks we've been working on rebuilding the suspension components and now we get dirty with the chassis and the undercarriage.

We've decided to remove these homemade motor mounts and replace them with a factory 904-6 type center nose mount.

Removing the paint is a very tedious job. In this area with the oil pipes, it will definitely be easier to get this corner to bare metal when the engine mount is removed.

You can see there was no attention to detail when these mounts were made and welded in.

This is what we call "GLOB WELDING"!

This mount is as bad as the other.

Nice round hole!

This hole is a little better.

The mount is being indexed with the engine and transmission, assuring a perfect fit.

After a week of grinding on the chassis, Mark steps in for the chassis repair.

This mount is identical to a 906 Prototype mount.

The parts are fabricated and then welded to the chassis beam.

Welding away!

The mount is now installed and Mark is completing the clearance hole where the bulkhead was cut for the starter motor.

Mark has ground the bulkhead to a perfect radius and is now installing a piece of sheet metal to give the bulkhead strength.

The mount is complete and you can see where the other two mounts have been removed and metal finished.

This is the right rear suspension, which we will blame on Peter Gregg (the Sebring crash).

Peter can't defend himself, so it's easy for us to blame him. Note: the inside has the color of rust, but this is only surface rust. The metal is in very good shape on the inside. This is common with 904's because the metal was not painted and didn't have any zinc protection before the chassis was assembled. It's always good to open up a 904 to see the condition.

The panel that was removed has been reshaped to original and will be re-welded and metal finished.

When this panel is complete, we'll remove the upper panels and do the same.

Mark is just finishing the welding and then we'll begin the top section.

This welded area would be referred to as a taco bracket because of the radius shape (it looks like a taco shell).

Mark is cutting the tail and roll bar mount off the bulkhead to remove the panel underneath.

The arrows are pointing to the can opener remains from when the panel on the other side was removed to straighten out the pickup points. Should we leave them in or take them out?

This is the removed part which is in good shape, but a little wrinkled. We could put a new piece of steel in, but we can flatten this piece and use it in place of new (original is always better).

This is the backside. We'll do the same thing here as we have on the other side. You only cut one side out at a time to keep the strength in the bulkhead (no twisting allowed).

Another shot of the serial number.

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