January 23, 2004

In the following pictures you will see certain areas that need attention,
even if it's just sanding and painting.

The paint is missing because we steam cleaned it off.

This is the original brake duct that was actually glassed to the front and rear air openings on the nose and in the fender.

The old ducting will be replaced with new, which is still available from Germany.

The construction in the trunk area is still really sound,
so we will do some small repair work and then repaint it.

You can see that the hardware has rusted. We will remove these wire tabs and latch hardware
and re plate them black phosphate.

The wire tabs have numbers on them, which will make it easy for us to re-install in the original rivet holes. When the tabs are removed, we will mark the back side with an electric buzz pencil.

There are many tabs and for originality, we want to replace them where they came from.

The steering yoke mount has been wire wheeled and will be primered with the rest of the trunk.

We use gray urethane primer to seal the fiberglass. Just before re-assembly, we will hand paint the dark gray in the front trunk area. Remember, most 904s are black, but this 906 prototype was painted gray in the trunk area and in the engine bay.

This is the cockpit. The metal has to be de-rusted and the fiberglass has to be free from paint before we can do any repair.

The picture on the left shows a new mat patch that we replaced because the old patch had delaminated (the shiny area). The other picture is the shifter opening that has been cut open to re-weld the shift mount. This was a common problem with 904s.

We made sure that the mount was secure (nicely welded) and then we repaired and re-shaped the opening.

There are other areas where there are holes and cracks.
These were repaired so the finish will look original.

Jack has stripped the paint off the pedal mount and is doing some of the repair work around the seat area.

There was another de-laminated joint that we repaired behind the right front fender (inside the cockpit). Now I'm priming the cockpit with gray duratech. Most of the cockpit gets a textured surface.

The side pod area was weak from the tail hitting it, so we strengthened this area with two layers of mat.

While the bodywork is being done, Andy and Co. are finishing up the last of the mechanical parts. This is the steering coupler and yoke that will be disassembled and repainted.

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