October 8, 2003

001 is as clean as it's going to get before repair work and paint.

The chassis is in really good condition, but suffers from the "jack-under-the-rear-bulkhead syndrome". This means that metal work has to be done on the bottom of the chassis.

The black arrows point to dents on the center structure. We will metal finish these.

This is the area where it is easiest to get a jack under. The only way to metal finish this panel is to cut it out, straighten the metal surrounding the removed plate, metal finish the plate, prime the inside cavity, and reweld the plate back in place. The arrow points to the main rear brake line, which comes from the master cylinder. While this panel is open, we will replace the brake line with new.

Now that the metal work is done, the part is ready to be welded in.
Mark continues to straighten the other metal structures.

Mark is welding little imperfections and cracks.

This is our forming die. Mark places this over the dented area and bingo, a new looking part.

The rear tail supports are getting a freshen up,
which means that Mark is welding and just tidying up a little!

The car was hit in the rear at one time, but only a little damage occurred on the rear frame. This frame was strengthened at Porsche, utilizing thin plate gussets to keep the structure from twisting
(a common 904 problem). I will prime the bare metal tonight to keep it from rusting.
This will protect it while we metal finish the rest of the rear structure.

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