October 10, 2003

The shiny metal is metal that has been re worked. Grinding the surface with wire wheels and scotch brite pads is a great way to finish off replaced pieces, but it is almost impossible to get into tight places to prepare the metal for paint. So, we have decided to sandblast the rear structure.

The cardboard covers foam padding that we used to plug the areas behind the main bulkhead. This will keep sand from going underneath the cockpit, between the floor and the seat base. I am not going to sandblast the front structure, which includes the front pickup points. These are easily stripped using the scotch brite wheels. We are trying to keep the sand to a minimum.

The car is on a downhill angle to keep the sand from going up into the car.

Most of the metal work is completed, but the sandblasting will show cracks in the corners.

The arrow points to one of the hidden cracks before Mark welds it.

A little crack here, a little crack there, but nothing major.

This baby will be as good as new when we are finished.

The biggest crack was around the shock bulkhead. Remember, this car had solid suspension
(pin bearings, rather than rubber flan blocs). Thus, the car has way better handling than a standard
904, but the chassis takes the burden when the car hits bumps or just turns in and out with more
G's than a typical 904.

Who is that masked man?

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