November 26, 2003

The dark area on the firewall was opened up at Porsche to make a deeper channel for air. There is an air box that I have to fabricate from photos that utilizes the extra area to get more air to the fan.

The firewall and the dark areas have been modified from the original 904 firewall. In doing so, the workmanship (probably at a track during a test) wasn't so good. The drips and the bonding of the cloth left a little to be desired.

The owner wants to keep the car original, but in some areas you have to address messy glass work.

Jack has ground a complete surface layer off the firewall (got to keep the weight down). Now we can
re-skin the surface with original materials. The surface will look original but will be a little nicer and about the same weight.

Jack and I are trying not to over-restore the needed areas, but they all have to be addressed.

Working in front of the bulkhead gets a little messy so Jack is cleaning the complete area with lacquer thinner. The picture on the right is the brake caliper mount. There is a small hairline crack that will be repaired before installation.

The stub shaft retainer (inner bearing) was corroded beyond repair. Luckily, I have made multiple parts for the 906 and 904s, so we had this baby on the shelf to replace the old one. I started painting the suspension parts today while Andy was preparing all the new bearings and bushings for the suspension assembly.

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