December 2, 2003

The roll bar is in place and has been checked for positioning. Mark is welding it in.

After the bar is in place, Jack applies epoxy cabosil to attach the bar to the roof structure.
This makes the roof much stronger than original because of bonding.

After Jack has refit the fiberglass bulkhead, he glasses up the roll bar down bar where it protrudes the structure.

All the cracks and minor abrasions from oil tank and engine installation are being repaired at the same time.

This is the corner of the side pod. The deck lid hits this corner and chips the fiberglass.
The deck lid will be re-aligned so this does not happen.

While Jack is finishing the firewall, Andy has begun re-installing new bearings and spacers in the suspension control arms. These bearings have been custom made because they used to be impossible to find. The Carrera 6 uses a different inner spacer. Some of them were worn out so we have made new.

Andy is sanding the suspension components so I can paint the final coat of satin black.

When the painting is done, Andy re-assembles the suspension components with new pieces, including the very rare dust boot. These babies are hard to come by.

The original snap ring that holds the boot was green, so here Andy paints the small part.
This adds original detail to the suspension.

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