April 6, 2005

Courtesy of Ulrich Trispel, here is 127 on the cover of the October 1970 issue of ONS. Ulrich has turned up some really cool photos of the early racing Porsches. Keep it up, Ulrich!

Andy keeps, keeping on. Here he is installing the rubber bellows which seal the shifting shaft to the firewall. Heat, debris, noise, and oil aren't good under the driver's butt.

We make the aluminum piece, and the bellows is from a 914 shifting shaft.

Of course, we painted a 904 shifting shaft and then remembered that the 906 one has a crick in it.

We got the shift lever back from the plater. Not much of a comparison, but the bottom one is used and the top one is re-chromed. The shift handle is from a B Porsche.

Damn, Andy is sure getting gray...or should I say silver. He is installing a new bushing in the end of the shift lever.

Nothing worse than a 904, 906, or 910 (all have the same shifting mechanisms) that shift like an old washing machine runs. What is now installed in the photo on the left is a complete shifter with new everything. It should shift like a new Kenmore. Jack is now doing the last detail on the inside of the rear tail. Now it's timing, Jack and I will finish painting the rest of the car while Andy finishes the assembly.

There were three panels left to re-skin on the inside. Jack is grinding the surface so the new layer will stick. This will increase the weight of the tail by a pound or two, but it will make the tail two times stronger. Remember, this car will be here when our great-great-great grandchildren are driving so it's a little better to make them so they'll last another two hundred years.

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