June 10, 2005

And you thought putting one of these things together was easy! Andy is installing the front tie rods.

This is the clutch cable bracket that retains the clutch cable under the front of the engine.

The picture on the left is the bracket that retains the throttle cable on the intake manifold. You can see the clutch bracket bolted to the engine in the photo on the right.

Sometimes the pictures don't show the sequence of how we do things at Gunnar Racing. Actually, there is no sequence. Andy is putting brake fluid in one minute, and the next minute he's installed the fuel lines on the one carburetor that is installed on the engine.

Then the horn, and then back to the suspension. But it does all get done.

There is a question of what the original brake duct would be made of. Believe it or not, they were built two ways. (1) The black paper and foil duct (same stuff as the heater hose on a VW motor, but different size) was definitely used on the factory race cars because of its light weight. (2) I have seen original customer Carrera 6s with canvas ducting. We use aero duct canvas type, which is a single layer of rubberized canvas with one wire support. You can buy the same duct that has two wire support, but the factory did not use this type of material. We think it's too heavy and too stiff. The actual color of the canvas duct that Porsche used is somewhere between tan and charcoal gray. The color of our duct is the color you see. The paper duct is great stuff, but only for a short time because it falls apart with any kind of usage. The canvas duct is a lot more heavy duty...end of story.

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