906-127 Historic Photos
November 11, 2005

All Photos Courtesy of Sepp Greger - Reproduction Strictly Prohibited

1966 Ruselberg
Even Sepp Greger had an off now and again. Thank God the crowds were in an area that the off roading car could not reach them. There are so many hill climbs where the fans stand a few feet from the speeding race cars.

1968 Schauinsland Race

It's not everyday that you have a relationship with the original owner, and in this case, a famous driver that will not only hold your hand through the restoration, but give you all the technical data, photos, and histories on the car.

1968 Schauinsland Training
The fire started after the so called "Holzschlager-Matt" Schauinsland. The fire was caused by a faulty fuel line. Gas dropped on the exhaust pipe.

Here, Sepp tries to blow the fire out, but it ain't working. He's got the look in the rearview mirror...oh shit!

While the Carrera 6 was burning, Sepp tried to find a solution for this exciting situation. Sepp was so proud of finding a fire fighter.

The one man and his fire extinguisher, didn't do much, so Sepp stepped in to keep his car from burning to the ground.

It actually wasn't as bad as it looks. Sepp told us the engine was still o.k., but they had to replace fan shrouds, some electrical wiring and of course the undertray and decklid.

The car actually made it to the next hill climb.

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