December 20, 2005

Details seem to be the all end of ends.....whatever that means. It just seems to be the mood I'm in while it's 80 degrees out, raining, and 4 days before Christmas. But, in the picture, Andy has got all the wiper hardware finished from the nickel plating to the rubber grommet under the pivot shafts.

Here's an original, unrestored linkage arm versus the one we just restored. Most of these pieces are from other German cars, adding up to Carrera 6 ready to install.

Here's the proper Carrera 6 hardware. Andy and Jack, who peeks under Andy's shoulder, are letting the car down to check ride height.

Andy jumps and the car doesn't seem to settle too much. Andy will have to re-adjust the spring heights. Now if Jack got in, it would be at the right ride height, but Jack can't be everywhere the car's going to race..ha ha!

Well, 6 weeks later, the two seats are covered. The material used is a red basket weave from a '66 VW. When Porsche originally covered the Carrera-6, they used two types of material, this vinyl type and they also used a felt covered cloth that was also basket weave. This material is known to be hiding in a friend's garage in Germany. Someday, when I give him the two 910 fuel tanks we made him (waiting on Fuel Safe), we will trade and I will have the original material that the factory entered cars used.

We have finally decided to install the plastic window rather than waiting a few more months for the glass windows that are currently being made. The plastic windshield is actually safer, lighter, and all around better than the glass type.

127 at Rossfeld 1967 - Photo by Reinhard Klein
Seppi passes another on his way to the "top".

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