May 28, 2004

The inside brace will now be removed from the mold and trimmed,
then it will be glued to the nose cover.

Andy's hands are preparing the mechanical components for the assembly of the rear uprights. Once they are cleaned, de-burred, and bead blasted, they go into the booth where Kevin's hands paint them.

We have showed you the pictures of these before sitting next to the uprights in a previous update. Now we show them right after we got done plating them. We do this ourselves using a few acid mixtures that we purchase from Eastwood Company. The solutions really work well.

Andy disassembles the emergency brakes and prepares them for paint.

Now everything is ready for Andy to assemble. The picture on the right shows the semi-complete upright and the hardware installed on the rear suspension components.

All the little pieces after paint and inspection. Now they are ready for assembly.

The steering rack is now greased and assembled. The picture on the right shows the sequence of installing the brake shoes on the backing plate.


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