June 8, 2004

We had one engine shroud left, so we have to make a mold before giving it up to 910-123.
This part sits on the front of the engine and helps guide fresh air in from the deck lid.

Tom Stegman will get one and 906-127 gets one. Here Jack is finishing up the mold.

Andy keeps telling me he should have been a hand model. We're not showing you anything that Andy is doing other than his great hands.

Of course the shocks don't build them selves, Andy's hands do.

The shiny aluminum parts you see on most customer cars would be steel. Sepp Greger must of had some pull to get these lightweight parts or maybe he just had money!

Andy and Jack are compressing the spring to get the top perch on. If you look at the picture closely, it's Jack's fingers that are gonna get squished because Andy can't afford to have his model hands get hurt! I always called Andy pencil fingers and he always gave me a dirty look, now I know why!
Oh yeah. . . here are the four shocks done. SWEET!
Next update will be next week.

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