June 25, 2004

Back on the engine. While I am finishing the C6 engine, I have also been building a spare engine. We will run the C6 motor maybe once and replace it with a vintage raceable 2 liter engine. These are the magnesium housings and covers for the carrera motor. They will be media blasted and given a coat of our special formulated, combumerated paint.

The inside of these valve covers show that they were of platinum color (iradite). Some of these covers were olive or black, these are platinum.

The fan and the fan housing are also platinum.

They look so original, it's scary.

The fan hub has been re-plated yellow zinc and will be re-riveted to the fan.

When all the accessories are finished, I always do a trial assembly. This enables me to make the spark plug wires proper lengths. The accessories will then be removed and re-installed with proper hardware.

The oil lines are ready to get plated yellow zinc. I have made a driver's seat mold and will make the driver's seat next.

The driver's seat in most 906's and all 910's have this extrusion on the outside edges. This enables the seat to index itself on top of the seat frames. For you 906 guys out there that don't have this seat shape, not all did.

Because of the shape of the extrusions, the seat mold has to be two pieces so it can be separated from the part. The mold has been sprayed with duratech and the glass will be applied next.

Andy is on vacation so Martin is taking care of rebuilding the front brakes. The picture on the left shows all new parts purchased from Stoddard of Ohio. The other picture shows two rebuilt calipers ready for installation. Today, we leave early to pick up our 906 molds from Max Crawford in North Carolina. The timing is perfect that we will finish most of the mechanicals next week and start making the body parts for final assembly of the body to frame installation.

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