July 1, 2004

Popping the seat out of the mold. The two piece mold does make it easier to remove.

A little sanding on the seam and it's ready for paint, then upholstery.

Jack went to Max Crawford Composites to pick up our 906 molds. Max had no time to make the parts, so we have all the 906 molds and will make the parts ourselves. Here is the door skins and the front inner fenders. The molds are being waxed and duratech will be applied before laminating.

Duratech keeps the parts light and keeps the spider cracking to a minimum.

I'll make the parts tomorrow. I will duratech the door frames and headlight buckets. The nose and cockpit are also being made and will be delivered next week.

The yellow zinc and the yellow aluminum anodizing showed up today. The oil lines are now ready to be assembled.

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