July 12, 2004

Saving the firewall means adding a piece here and adding a piece there.

Because of the angles in the shape of the firewall, there is a step in the construction to follow the angles of the face of the firewall. To repair it, I must keep this step intact by placing a piece of 1/4" foam poster board under the lip of the firewall. Then, I laminate the missing piece to the firewall. This retains the original step.

The firewall needs repair before it can be re-installed.
After it is repaired, bodywork and primer will follow.

After all the inner panels are made, they are fit to the chassis.
It is easier fitting these panels while the nose is off.

After the material has cured, I make a pattern from the original, undamaged side of the firewall.
I will then use this pattern for the other side.

The sharpie marks are drawn from the pattern and then cut.

The motor mount has a protrusion which actually sticks out on the cockpit side. This piece was missing from the mold, so I made a quick foam plug to use for the mold to make the part.

This process of shaping the foam and glass work takes about 15 minutes.
It will take longer for the resin to dry!


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