July 23, 2004

While stripping this old used firewall (needless to say - don't know what 906 it came from yet), I discovered a little red sticker. I scraped the paint off of it with my fingernail and low and behold, it's a tech sticker from 1969 Nurburgring. The sticker reads "ADAC 1000 km Rennen - Jnt. '69". We will digitize and make this sticker.

Even though we only had 80% of the original firewall, it is enough to make the real deal...kind of like paleontology.

All the repair work is done and now I will make the window arch (flange for window).

A piece of aluminum is set in the opening to use as a base; then it will be glassed to connect the arch to the base of the firewall.

To get the top lip, which doesn't exist, I will smear about 3/4" of cabosil. This will give the glass something to sit on at right angles.

After the cabosil is smeared, two layers of 1-1/2oz. mat is applied.

Remember, this part is a plug to make the mold. After a little bit of body work, a coat of duratech and a sand job, she's ready for wax and tooling gel coat for the mold. This part could actually be finished on the other side and used as an original part. When we find which 906 it belongs to (that we have restored in the past), we will ask the owner if he wants it back - sticker and all.

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