September 15, 2004

If you remember from the other updates, the roof bars were fit, but never installed.

We did it this way, because it was easier to fit the firewall and other glass panels with the bars out of the way. The welding does burn the paint, so we'll repaint the joints and then cover them with fiberglass when the body is bonded to the frame.

Here Jack is preparing the inner fender wells for attachment.

Jack is waxing the two piece mold for the door frames.

This is a pressure mold system that needs both sides of the molds, one positive and one negative. When the halves are joined, the part comes out smooth on both sides. This is the way they were made at Porsche.

Jack, Andy and I have to do this job together because of the double lay up. When the lay up is finished, both sides of the mold are sandwiched together and then clamped with anything we can find.

Andy is fitting the rear shock towers to accept the rear undertray.

Andy and Jack are doing the final fit. Many holes for suspension, axles, air ducts and jack spurs have to be made while it's being fit.

You can see the door frame in this picture being fit with the hinges. Andy is attaching the firewall to the rear bulkhead of the frame. The aluminum stick keeps pressure on the firewall.

Jack says, "I've had enough and want to go back to work on the 904's". I say "Tomorrow Jack, tomorrow!"

Andy has taped off where the patches will be applied. We're sure Porsche never used tape to mark their patches, but Andy likes to do it this way.

Andy says," I don't mind working on the 906 Kev".

While they're working on the back, I'm helping them with the front fender wells.

The picture on the left shows the door hinge in place and the picture on the right shows the frame in place.

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