September 22, 2004

Before the nose is installed, all the inner fenders are glassed to the chassis.

Detail shots

More detail plus gray paint

Gray paint is easier while the body is off.

Andy is putting the finishing touches on the rear under tray.

Jack is preparing the nose for lamination to the fenders.

Clecos are still our best friend. They hold the floor to the underside of the nose.

Every laminating surface gets sanded before the mat straps.

Andy gets in the extreme corners with a long burr on a die grinder.

Remember, Porsche never went to these extremes. While we do, it does make the body bond to the frame a lot stronger, hence creating more safety in case of an accident.

Almost finished

These clamps are holding the inner fender so the bond is perfect between the two parts.

Andy has all these straps laid out so he and Jack can bond the inner nose to the floor.

Again, it is easier to paint the gray while the headlight buckets are away.

It's starting to look like a finished product in the inside.

Andy is now gluing the dash pods in. We use epoxy cabosil, which is stronger than polyester.

Now the roof apron is being attached to the firewall. The tape and sticks keep accurate measurements in the door opening.

More of the same

The headlights are primed and will be installed tomorrow, just after the brake ducts are installed.

I am going to go ahead and use these original brake ducts.

As you can see, the part numbers are still visible on the parts.

The parts are separated into halves, a little bodywork and primer...

and then, Jack will wax them and make molds. These brake ducts are dead-nut original and a little different from the ducts we have been using for many years.

When you find really cool parts that are original, you've got to make molds while you've got them.

Jack has now made the molds and the original parts are being glued back together. These original ducts will be installed tomorrow, just before the headlight buckets.

Andy drilled the gauge holes before installing the gauge housings. It was a lot easier this way.


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