September 13, 2002

This is the old floor (basically un savable) we will use this for the patterns where the patches were glued to hold the frame to the floor.

36 years of wear and tear and a lot of racing!

More detail, you can see the two squares in the middle of the picture are where the old patches were.

For the new floorboard, we take a little better care to try not to make an ugly mess, so we tape off the surrounding areas.

Here Andy is applying the tape where all the patches are to go (copying the original floorboard).

Sanding the floor makes for better adhesion, the factory didn't do this and sometimes the patches held and sometimes they didn't.

Hard to make a mess when you have a taped off border. If the patches end up a little crooked and if there is a drip of resin here and there we leave it giving the restoration a little bit of character. We call this happy patina.

Something the factory didn't do, is apply cabosil between the pipe and the floor. We do this to give the floor better strength, then we install the patch (1-1/2 oz. matt).

Here Jack and Andy are double teaming the floor trying to get it done today, so Kevin can start fitting the nose this weekend.

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