January 15, 2003

A woman's work is never done!! I'm sanding the second primer on the dash.

Bingo!! The pin holes are filled, block sanded with 150, and walah! It's black.

This is the front leading edge of the driver's door. The arrows point to three holes, two of which are screw holes and the center hole is for the wire. We've discovered another clue......A DOOR NUMBER LIGHT!

The door is now fit and we'll skin it with body filler and prime it in the morning.

The first step for a new seam is to give it a smear job and just before it kicks, run the bono spreader down the joint.

Speed kills! Plus, when your the boss and your daughter is the webmaster, you always get in the picture.

When sizing the hood there is a lot of grinding going on. This is a pile of GUNNAR'S FAMOUS ITCHING POWDER!

One time, 21 years ago, one of my helpers started to snort this stuff. I laughed, he didn't?*!#?

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