February 24, 2003

This is the refinished front of the left side pod. This original piece is welded onto the new tank.

If you notice, the cooler opening is a lot bigger on the long tail. Also, you can see a fiberglass splitter in the middle of the duct. This not only keeps the opening bigger (the wedge factor), it also makes the air speed up to the cooler.

Of course, now I know why the oil cooler in Tom's 906 was bigger. I originally thought the cooler was wrong because of it's size and figured the opening in all the pictures of long tails at Le Mans and Daytona were just to give the cooler more air. I remembered the panel that the cooler sat on was bigger to accept the cooler, and it was. Now it all makes sense. The factory did this conversion for the bigger cooler for better cooling. Now, I will cut the cooler tray back out and lower it 13mm so that the big cooler fits back the way it was before I rebuilt it to resemble a standard 906. Oh well, live and learn.

The picture before is a standard 906 cooler. This picture is the long tail cooler. You can tell by looking at it the difference in size.

Look at this side by side comparison.

More cooler, more cooling.

The arrows point to the seams which I raised to make the original cooler fit. Now I will re-cut the seams and lower the tray for the bigger cooler.

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