March 4, 2003

Now that the first side is laid up, the aluminum flange is removed. The fiberglass edge is taped off so the second side doesn't stick to it. Then I re-spray with PVA and lay up.

Again, this is one layer of 1 1/2 oz matt and one layer of 4 oz cloth.

After the parts have cured, I pop them off on each side.

Here is a close up, before trimming. You can see the green PVA which will wash off with water.

The parts are trimmed. The pinholes have been filled with filler (easier to do now while they are in two separate pieces). Next the edges are taped.

The tape keeps the epoxy cabosil from getting all over the inside when the two parts are squeezed together.

They are on the grass in the sun (92 degree winter weather), for final curing.

There was only one mold for the driver comfort duct, so this is the second part being made.

Finished product, ready for installation tomorrow morning. Couldn't put them in today because Andy and Jack are still fitting the fuel tanks to the undertray and were getting in each others way. Tomorrow I'll install them early in the morning and 151 will go into the booth for paint.

Although the undertray was close to being fit friday, when we put the suspension through the holes they needed more adjustment. Jack and Andy were doing this yesterday and today.

Now it fits really nice.

Mark is welding the baffle in the left fuel tank.

This is a crossover pipe which has to be installed before the tank is finished.

Andy and Jack are now fitting the undertray to the tank.

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