March 5, 2003

The center ducts are installed and the outer ducts are being glued.

A little bodywork and primer by lunch time tomorrow.

This is what the ducts look like from the inside. The big ducts are for the brakes, the smaller ducts are defrosters and air for the driver.

Andy and Jack are doing the final grinding for the final layup, consisting of 1 layer 3/4 oz matt and one 10 oz cloth.

Jack and Andy think they are in jail because of all the grinding they are having to do!

The fruits of success, a finished product.

They'll do the other side in the morning and the center after lunch.

Mark is almost done with the second fuel tank.

We still can't figure out the purpose of the opening the arrow is pointing to. We'll give you details later.

The outside ducts are awaiting finished bodywork.

And the good news... 151 is in the spray booth for the last time!!

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