July 30, 2003

The final fit is happening on both windows because the doors are ready for final paint. In this picture, the blue fine line tape marks the finished edge. Any material outside of the tape will be sanded for a perfect gap.

Once the sanding is completed, the door is reinstalled and checked again.

When the door gaps are perfect, both surfaces of the door frame and window are roughed up with
36 grit paper.

The 90 degree grinder is our best friend and will always be our best friend. The tape is the edge that I don't want to grind past because you will see it on the inside of the glass.

When the window is fit and both surfaces are prepared, then I mix epoxy cabosil and apply it between both surfaces and re-cleco the window to the frame.

I use a spreader to make sure the gaps are full of epoxy.

This is the finished edge after the excess epoxy is cleaned away.

When the mess is cleaned, the tape is removed leaving a clean edge.

The cleaner you leave the part, the less sanding before paint.

Don't think that after gluing the window to the frame you can let it sit on the bench. It has to cure in its set position on the car. If you don't do it this way, you might install the door after it's cured and find out the door fits crooked on the car. Gluing the window to the frame is a needed structural enhancement for the integrity of the door. I forgot to tell you all, the window is opaque because it has a plastic covering sprayed on it. This protects it from scratches & will be removed just prior to paint.

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