November 26, 2002

The extended nose has been trial fit. The straight edge hanging off the front establishes a center line from the body and the chassis.

All our marks are to assure that the nose is glassed on in the right position.

Now the old nose has been cut off and is ready for the new nose to be glassed on.

Here, the new nose is in position.

Now, the final cut.

Now it's glassed on.

This process took about 1 hour.

Before we can take the body back off the chassis, we have to add the fender lip.

We do this by looking at original pictures.

The pictures are necessary to get the proper radius of the opening.

The back edge of the fender (on the long nose) has a different shape than a standard Carrera 6.

These hands are the masters (that's me, Kevin) they are better looking in this close up shot.

While I'm doing the left fender, Jack is doing the right. Jack got a haircut yesterday because he is going to Costa Rica next week for a fishing vacation (we're all jealous).

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