December 3, 2002

A long time coming!

It's now got the first coat of white primer. We left the body unattached so we don't have to tape off the chassis to paint the nose. We put the nose in the paint booth and away we go. Note the arrow, for all you 906 know-it-all's. Look at this fender and then look at a standard 906 fender. The factory long tail, long nose, had a more rounded front fender, thus the radius is closer to the wheel. This identifies a factory long nose, long tail vs. a factory long nose short tail. Keep in mind, the long tails had short tails installed during or after the 1967 season.

Here is another view.

Now, I am block sanding for another coat of primer. Notice that some of the primer dust has landed in my hair! It scared me because I thought I was getting gray!

Here is Leonardo filling in pin holes.

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