Interscope Racing 935
July 22, 2003

Before final paint on the chassis, we have to repair all the fiberglass.

These are the inner cooler air inlet ducts that have been beat up through time.

Like most 935's, this car has been bumped now and again and the impact on the fender always breaks the inner duct.

Jack has sanded these ducts for repair and will re skin them.

There is a paper pattern on the inside so we can extend the duct an inch. Jack is now applying one layer of matt and one layer of cloth after that.

The cloth is now being applied, which will give the duct more strength.

Finished product.
You can see that the connection between the duct and the fender is made with a layer of thin matt.

Jack is finishing up the other side.

Finished product
. Remember we use black pigment in the resign. This will keep ugly chips from showing their faces.

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