Interscope Racing 935
August 22, 2003

Disassembly time on the suspension.

All the yellow zinc plated parts will be crack checked and re plated.

These photos help document the condition, originality, and are easy to look at if we forgot what we were doing (we've only worked on 100 935's).

More shots to document.

The hubs were rebuilt recently, but I want to re plate them so they do have to come apart.

The hubs use titanium spacers and shims and are set with preload. The bag says left on it because these parts belong to the left corner.

Jay gets the full treatment so we crack check the wheels and paint them BBS gold.

Andy is polishing some of the small parts for plating. The control on the right is for the front stabilizer bar and will be polished.

Everything comes apart, gets checked for cracks, and then restored.

The chassis is now on the jig and believe it or not, it's as straight and true as any 911 chassis that we've had on our table. It went right into the fixtures without any adjustments.

Bingo, left side versus right side, within a millimeter. Porsche gives us 2-4 mm plus or minus on all the pickup points.

Parts laid out for plating and disassembly.

John is filling in casting holes in the E-57 BBS centers. I will paint them this evening.

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