Interscope Racing 935
September 16, 2003

The front cross member always gets the off road dents first. The only way to repair it is to cut it out, straighten it or replace it. We chose to straighten it.

Then you just weld it back on!

The brake duct on the driver's side had taken a shot in its life so we decided to go ahead and repair it. This meant cutting it off and remaking the area surrounding the opening.

Here is a picture of the painted cockpit and all the rebuilt parts for Andy's corner rebuild.

Always use Klubel grease and the pre-load is the most important part of hub rebuilding on a 935.

Ryan is still in the maze of wires. He keeps asking Andy if he should connect the blue wire to the yellow wire.

The mess on the right is the same mess on the left, which was installed sometime a million years ago for who knows why, so Ryan chopped it out.

Here, John is learning all aspects of racing and this lesson is "How to repair carbon or kevlar bodywork".

John says, "But Kevin, I am a V8 engine guy. And I say, "tough shit, sand".

Mark continues rebuilding the brake scoop.

Getting close.

Getting closer and waiting for my bodywork tomorrow. This will conclude all the metal work on the chassis. We will be assembling 935-027 next week.

Andy has finished the rear control arms.

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