Interscope Racing 935
October 3, 2003

Here we go again, making chicken salad from chicken shit.

Most of the oil lines were actually in pretty good shape but needed new heat shield.

Here is one finished, and the air jack control valve before restoration.

Disassembled value and the unit rebuilt.

Oil lines cleaned and ready for installation. Andy is cleaning the main line through the chassis.
We use Mineral spirits.

Lines installed and the power screw ready for installation.

Chassis oil pipes have been re skinned and another picture of that great looking shift tower.

The air jack mounts have been polished. Although the polishing look really shiny,
it will dull about 20%, making the parts look more original than the California look.
The fire bottles have been disassembled for repaint.

These pictures are used mainly for reference for sticker placement.

Andy is gluing the black perlon carpet to the oil tank (original).

This protects the tank from vibration, which causes metal fretting.

It's getting a little busy in the front trunk area.

The air jacks are re installed and will be plumbed tomorrow.


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