Interscope 935
October 8, 2003

The brake cooling fans are rebuilt and installed. The plumbing for the fuel system is installed.

Andy made new fuel lines, compliments of Ron at Morsespeed.

Old line, new line, replated ends. I just got done painting the final coat on the BBS wheels.

Martin and Andy (who looks like the professor), tend to installation duties.
Looks like a mess in the engine compartment, but when the engine is installed,
all these lines and wires find their homes (adell clamps and tie wraps).

The engine is ready for the big connection.

The connection is with the gear box.

Now they are connected and Martin is single handedly shoving it in.
Andy holds up the fuel pumps with the new fuel lines.

Now Martin needs a little help. What's Andy doing with that jack handle?


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