Interscope Racing 935
October 9, 2003

These photos are of the fuel cell. It will be disassembled, cleaned, and we'll check the fuel cell foam.

We'll do a light polish on all the fittings

and check for leaks upon re assembly.

Some areas of the housing are cracked, so we will repair them.

The bladder is in great shape, so it will stay in the housing.

The top plate, which is removable, has been repaired.

Left side - original, right side - cleaned and ready for assembly.

Charge air tubes have been cleaned and polished. The housing is being re glassed.

The top area of the cell had a cloth texture (American weave). The original finish on 935 fuel cells is a mat finish, therefore we are grinding the surface and re glassing the mat finish.

We had the mold of the K3 nose, so I made a part that had been fit, but never painted. The nose has been installed to make sure the fit is proper before paint. Tomorrow, we should start her up.

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