Interscope Racing 935
October 23, 2003

Jack has reinforced the inside of the rear wing where the aluminum spears attach the wing to the body.

Now, Jack and I are finishing the nose for first primer and I am sanding the first primer.

The second primer has now been painted.
Tonight, I will paint the final black on the doors and the nose.

The stripes on the car are vinyl and will be removed.
I will paint the stripes on tomorrow.

Andy and John have replaced two fuel pumps (big leaks because of sitting so long).

Now Andy is installing the quarter windows. He polished these by hand with aircraft polish.

Kevin is sanding and Mark is fitting the new cooler grill. I am sanding for final paint.

Jack has prepared the doors for final paint. John and Andy are fitting new dzus fasteners to the newly painted fenders. I will paint the stripes on the fenders tomorrow.

Some of the stripes and stickers that Jack removed from the car.

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