Interscope Racing 935
October 27, 2003

The last time we painted 027, we used vinyl for the stripes.
This time around, we are painting the stripes on as they were originally done.

This is a very long and tedious process.

With fast hardener and accelerator in the paint,
it is still going to take 2 full days to get these parts masked and painted.

First you paint one stripe, then it dries, then you re tape that stripe,
and un tape the second stripe, and so on.

You will use a roll of paper, 4 rolls of fine line, and 3 or 4 rolls of masking tape.

I have actually never painted pink in my life. Now I have a life.

This lettering is original, hand painted.
To keep the same style, we made a paper template of the letters.

The heat from the turbos always cooks the back of the deck lid. You can see where I have sanded it and the pink bondo has showed its ugly face. To make the face pretty, I use blue bondo.
This will last a few races and then it will be lumpy and bumpy again.

Lots of block sanding because when it leaves here, it will be cherry.

Jack is detailing the inside of the doors for satin black.
The side pod has been re glassed on the inside and now I have to prepare the outsides for paint.

Jack is installing the new dash carpet and Andy is lending a hand.
Andy is installing the rear tail light lenses.

Leon, my high school buddy visiting from CA, has been helping everybody today. With his help,
we will not have to do any all nighters. The car will be ready by Wednesday for delivery.

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