January 6, 2011

Fitting the rear tail requires more aluminum frames.

Everything is a fitting job... That's just fitting.
(I'm so funny)

Clamps and steel hinges.

Bigger clamps for bigger hinges. These hold the tail frame in index so the hinges can be drilled for glue and pop rivets.

Here are the magical hinges. Yes, these are just like Porsche originals.

Remember that clecos are our best friends. Here they are holding the whole car together.

It's coming along!

More of the same. Notice the other 917 chassis sitting on the floor.

More handy work.

Tail supports have been installed.

The tail now hinges.

In this picture you can see the glue where the tail is attached to the fiberglass.

Bret is getting ready to install the hood prop. This is also made to factory specs which is actually pretty easy because I still have an original one.

The 1971 roll bar is being installed.

This had to be done for the '71 season, but you could build your own or have Porsche do it.

These roll bars are not all the same. Some have two bolts that hold them at the back and some have three. We chose the three method.

1, 2, 3.

The roll bar is welded and ready to install.


Even looks original.

These are the engine cross braces.

These braces are actually installed in a little different position because of the 6 cylinder engine. If the customer ever wants to put a 12 cylinder engine in, these cross pipes will have to be adjusted.


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