January 20, 2011

Gunnar Porsche Racing 917-001, we eliminated the "S" on the tag. The "S" actually meant "Street" or it could have meant "Special". I guess it could have meant "Shit" too. Anyway, we decided to omit the "S".

This is the form to make the dimples in the oil tank.

It's a two-piece Delron press mold.

Put a piece of aluminum in it, shove it in a press, give it a few ton, and bingo- one panel that is original to Porsches.

The screen is made for foaming oil. When the oil comes from the cooler sometimes it's aerated so as the oil spills through the screen is calms it down back to a solid.

Here's the bottom end of the tank. You can see the dimple.

Here's another view. The tape protects it as it's being worked on.

The aluminum is pop riveted and glued to give the screen strength.

Then the screen is welded into the tank.

Here's another shot of the top of the tank.

A close up.

One of the return fittings.

You can see the dump neck on the inside. The slot in the bottom of the tube makes for a quick exit of the oil.

This is a baffle that will be installed in the tank.

The baffle keeps the oil from sloshing out of a certain area.

This is the first part of the oil pickup. The baffle keeps the oil in the bottom of the tank.

The pickup is now finished with the screen installed. Porsche always uses this screen method in case there's foreign matter coming from the oil system.

Bret will weld this in the tank.

The finished product.

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