RATT RSR Project
May 1, 2003

We're trying to get the building time of one seat under 90 minutes. At 4:00, Andy and Jack made one half in 45 minutes. This includes glassing in the aluminum plates. The front side of the mold should take less than 45 minutes because it's an easier part to make.

Sometimes you see the guys working on more than one project in the day. Some days the guys will work on four different cars. It's never too boring here! A lot of the time you don't see what the other guys are doing. For instance, Danny is working on one of the GT3-Rs, Martin has been working on the Porsche Indy car (it goes on the Dyno tomorrow) and a 962, Mark has been working on the twin Martini RSR project. He is preparing the Donor tub for the RSR Turbo. We will show pictures of these projects at later dates.

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