May 7, 2004

Well, the RATT didn't make Rennsport because what did they say about Di Vinci painting the 123rd chapel in how many days? Here are pictures of the engine loaded in the truck, heading for Jarvis Tech in Fort Lauderdale.

Dave Jarvis installed electromotive ignition and injection in the 3.4 liter engine and did all the mapping and tuning (dyno). We have now got it back and after power pulls of almost of 380 hp and a whole lot of torque, we will install and get ready for our 1st test on May 14th.

The deck lid has been re-fit to make sure it clears the fan and alternator.
This is why I never paint the deck lid until after the final fit.

Because of the electronic injection, we need high pressure fuel pumps and they have now been installed in place of the low pressure Bendix pumps.

Here is a picture of the pump and the filter. Martin and Andy are finishing the wiring.

The tape is to protect the roll bar during the seat assembly.
Andy is hooking the battery to the safety switch. Monday, we will give you a sound bite from the engine's start up.

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