January 12, 2004

The next set of pictures are the fiberglass hood. This hood is nicely made, but way too heavy for the RATT. I will cut the existing strengthening structure from the trunk side and make a new, trimmed down piece that will be lighter and stronger.

First, I cut the complete structure away from the hood, leaving just one inch of material on the edge.

Then, a piece of 1/4" high density foam is shaped for the new support. After both sides are shaped, they are glued to the inside of the hood with epoxy cabosil. The clamp and the stick hold these in place while the glue is curing.

After the foam is shaped, I glass the complete surround with 4 oz. S-weave using white pigment in the resin. This is then sanded and then primed black.

You can see the final shape in these two pictures.
We will make a mold of this new structure brace before final paint.

The other side of the hood is now guide coated and sanded with 150 grit paper, then primed with guards red.

Bingo! By Wednesday, the temperature will be warm enough for final paint.

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