October 6, 2003

This is what I did Saturday. I glued the fenders on with epoxy cabosil.

I used black so the inside seam would look real pretty.

After the epoxy dried, I used 36 grit to grind the seam, preparing it for body filler.

Next, the filler.

There was no one to take a picture of me priming it, so you will have to imagine me with a paint gun in my hand. After the paint, I used polyester filler to fill the pit holes. Then, I taped my finger tips
with masking tape and proceeded to block sand. I use a rubber block and a paint stick.
This is the only way to get these curvaceous fenders cherry!

I got Andy in to help me mask off the car for the last coat of primer,
which I will shoot as soon as I am done with this update.

Buster Jiggs says "I hope you are going to paint the final coat tomorrow".


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