November 26, 2003

We utilized the 962 case with a 935 oil pump and pauter rods for the big 3.4 liter motor. The blue sealant you see is hylomar. This sealant is easy to clean and I have used it for the past 30 years.

The engine block is together and the pistons and cylinders have been installed.

We ceramic coat the top of the pistons and use fire rings to keep the compression in the cylinders.

The cylinder heads are installed one at a time.

The cylinder heads are installed without the cam tower to check the surface height of all three heads. After this is done, the cam towers are installed.

The morning shift was the engine and the afternoon shift is the bodywork. Before taking the nose off the car for bodywork and paint, the bumper has to be grafted to the fenders while everything is indexed.

The bumper is held with cleco clamps, then I grind 4" x 1" areas that I can glass up.

When the resin is dry, the entire nose will come off. Then, I will glass the complete nose area on the inside and follow the outside with bodywork. This nose will be primed this weekend.

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