1973 Porsche RSR (February 23, 2001)


All the primer has dried, and the careful process of finish sanding is now going on. The entire surface is closely examined for any imperfections, and any that are found are filled and sanded again. When all areas have been gone over in this way, the (hopefully) final coat of primer will be sprayed, and the resulting finish carefully examined again for any further imperfections. If none exist, the whole body gets a final fine sanding, and then the finish coats of paint. The assembly of the car can begin in earnest.

In the last update we showed you the RSR's brake calipers being cleaned and rebuilt. Here is one of them that was particularly nasty when it was disassembled. There's a little corrosion going on there, but the majority of what you see is built-up dirt, grease, brake fluid, brake dust, etc. that has collected underneath the pad holders. All perfectly removable, though, see next photo...

It's hard to believe these are even the same parts. The slight "ring" you may see around the piston openings is where they have been taped over. When the parts were bead-blasted, it was important to ensure that none of that material got into these areas, so all openings were plugged or taped over during that process. Remember, these weren't painted this color, that's what they look like after being cleaned down to the original bare metal. Reassembly of the brakes is now underway.

Now the calipers are being reassembled. Next time we'll show you the finished calipers.


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