1973 Porsche RSR (12/19/00) Day 6-8

Work continues in the fuel cell area. The rear part here has gotten a coat of primer, with all metal work in that area complete. The deep well is where the A/C unit goes on the production car, but is where the battery will be located on this car.

The new shield at the front of the chassis is nearly complete. The opening on the right is where the oil lines will pass through to the oil cooler. The new piece we saw Rene fabricating (Day 5) at the left side, below the shield, has been welded in place and is indistinguishable from the original area at right. Also note the deep "box" at the extreme right of the photo. There's another one on the left side, and this is where batteries (two of them) used to be located, as an means of adding weight to the front end. However, changing those batteries in that location meant removing the entire fuel cell!

The engine compartment has been fully cleaned up and primed.

The RSR's wiring harness was completely removed, and here Jimmy is cleaning the entire assembly. Part of the harness (below) was non-original, and so an accurate duplicate was made to replace it. Note the correct factory-type connectors (inset, left) vs the incorrect ones (inset, right).

The RSR's restored electronics assembly.

The shocks are back from Bilstein in San Diego, where they were rebuilt, and the rear ones (outer pair) will have their ends repainted (green) before re-installation.

All those parts that we showed a few days ago hanging in the paint booth are now ready for reassembly to commence.

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