914-6 GT Troutman Truck
August 4, 2011

This is one of the surprises that we couldn't show our web watchers. We wanted it to be seen finished at the parade.

I just couldn't leave the truck the way it was when Dick sold it to me.

Dick is diggin it too! His spirit will always be with this truck. Bless his kind soul.

Every tool you need to fix a broken down 914 GT.

You can run out of gas... you can catch fire... you can break down in the middle of the night and this truck can come and rescue/retrieve you.

I just love the "T".

I actually drove it this morning (08/04/11) for the first time! Can you say SWEET!

"A Special Story                                                                

914-6 GT Troutman Truck

From the viewpoint of the maker’s daughter, Jesea Jeannette

First of all, close your mouth and stop drooling.

The car you are looking at is one of a kind. The concept started in my Dad, Kevin Jeannette’s head. He’s been working on this car off/on for about 20 years. If he’s around he probably has a smile on his face. To see this car finished gives him great joy.

Now take a really good look at the car. What makes this 914-6 GT Troutman Truck so special? Lets start will all of the lights. Look at how many there are. The outer lights on the front of the car can be moved and directed where needed. The light on the roof can be manipulated from inside the cockpit. The handheld lights in the truck bed can be removed and used to shine wherever you like. Also, in the bed of the truck sits 2 fire extinguishers, extra fuel, a toolbox, and in a compartment just inside of the tailgate lies a car jack. You’re probably wondering what the point of all this is.

There used to be a race called “Marathon de la Route”. I believe it was run from the 1930s-1971. In the years 1965-1971 it took place at the Nürburgring in Nürburg, Germany and on average lasted 84 hours. In 1970, the race podium was swept by 914-6s. Out of 64 starters only 24 finished. People were blown away by how strong the 914s ran and finished. The track was 28 miles long and if there was a problem there was no way to get help. Your car was basically just finished unless the driver could fix it on track. But imagine if it were the middle of the night, you wouldn’t be able to see anything. The 28-mile track wasn’t lined with lights… it was pitch black.

My Dad came up with this idea that the 914s had help out on the track and so this 914-6 GT Troutman Truck was born. It’s basically a utility vehicle that was out on the track to tend to the 914s that needed it. That’s the reason for the lights, fire extinguishers, spare fuel, toolbox, and car jack.

Now keep in mind that this truck didn’t actually exist. All of this was fabricated in the brilliant and always racing mind of my Dad. The 914s just had the durability and stamina to finish the grueling race on their own. 

My Dad is VERY creative, especially when working on his own projects. He likes to think out of the box. So much of his time is spent restoring Porsches with lots of racing history and they have to be as original as possible. He cannot make changes to those cars in order to keep the integrity and value of them. It’s projects like this that allow him to do whatever he wants and really flex the right side of his brain.

So I bet you’re wondering whom the driver of this utility truck was. It was none other than Reinhold Joest. He was signed as a Porsche Factory driver in 1969 and started driving for them in 1970.

Look we have proof!  Wink wink."

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