A Frog Tale
November 25, 2011

This 70-71 Porsche 911 has been sitting in the back of our shop for a couple of years.

A couple of days ago, Andy opened the glove box to see if there was any paperwork in there...

To his surprise...look what he saw! I count 6, but he said one jumped out the first time he opened the glove box door.

Frogs....lots of frogs! This is a real mystery...how did they get in there? The glove box door was shut tight!

So here are some frog facts: Frogs lay their eggs in water or wet places....after 21 days the embryo leaves its jelly shell & quickly becomes a tadpole...after 5 weeks, the tadpole starts to grow hind legs, then forelegs, etc. etc...11 weeks after the eggs were laid, we have fully developed frogs! Now the question is...how long have they lived in here as fully developed frogs??? They were different sizes so do we have more than one generation here?

Took a few photos & then set them free! They hopped out of the glove box & went into all the nooks & crannies in the car.

Cute little guys!

I think they are some kind of tree frog...does anyone know?


We'll leave the glove box open just in case they think this is still home.