Engine Room Chaos
A tour of organization as I see it. Enjoy and be easy on the mess!
January 28th, 2011

I've been asked, "When do you have time to do the engine work?". This photo shows a fresh 3.2L factory 935 engine.

My answer is always the same, "When I build engines I'm here between 3 & 4 in the morning and I work on them until about 9am. That's when the phone is quiet and I don't have to be the boss because I'm here alone up until 7am- that's when the boys get here.". Oh yeah, the slide injected engine in this photo is here to be rebuilt for the 910 we're restoring.

I'm taking photos of the entire unit room from one end to the other. This is my 2.7L engine from my 1974 Targa Carrera. I plan on driving this in the California Targa event in April. I have a 67' S, the engine is also in one of the next pictures. My plans were to drive the "S" at the event, but why don't I use a Targa at the Targa!

C-6 heads and cam towers.

"S" cams and cam towers waiting to be installed on the long block in the picture on the right.

This is my engine for the "S". First intent was to get the car mechanically sound for the Cali Targa. It still might go. Phil Bagley of Klub Sport is taking his white 911 "S" which is the sister to my white 911 "S". We refer to them as "The Twins"- mine being 296 and his being 297.

This picture shows two 2.5L engines. The one on the left is for my 914-6 Troutman pickup truck. The glass and stacks and fan from the engine on the right belong on the 914. The engine that is wearing those parts belongs to my 2.5L dealer clone.

The lone 4 cylinder 356 engine belongs to a 51' split window coupe.

A closer look at the 914-6 engine and the Carrera-6 engine that we're waiting to install... We'll have the new clutch next week and then in it goes!

The original case is the real deal and on a shelf. This is an early aluminum case with all C-6 parts.

The first engine from right to left is a 1964 911 engine. Next, is a 74' RSR engine. Last but not least is a 962 4 cam, 4 valve water motor. Various cases on the ground are waiting their turn to be assembled.

This bench is the staging area. You're looking at a late model crankshaft. Two 2.7L cam towers complete (they belong to a motor on the ground) and two sets of 3.0L slide injection stacks.

Another view of chaos.

More chaos, but organized!